Decree No. 103/2020/ND-CP

To exempt from quota import duty for 9 fragrant rice varieties imported to the European Union

Decree No. 103/2020/ND-CP on certification of the varieties of fragrant rice exported to the European Union is issued on September 04, 2020 by the Government.

Specifically, fragrant rice is the rice varieties specified in the List prescribed at Point 8, Sub-section 1, Section B, Appendix 2-A of the EVFTA Agreement. In which, there are 09 fragrant rice varieties eligible for duty-free import under the quota when being exported to the European Union. To be specific: Jasmine 85; ST 5; ST 20; Nang Hoa 9; VD 20; RVT; OM 4900; OM 5451 and Tai nguyen Cho Dao.

Besides, fragrant rice varieties to be certified must meet the following conditions:

Firstly, fragrant rice must be produced from fragrant rice varieties with seed quality in accordance with National Technical Regulations; has clear information on planting area and location (group/village, ward/commune, district/town, province/city).

Secondly, fragrant rice field must be carried out a test to ensure that the purity is not less than 95% (percentage of the plant).

In addition, the Government also stipulates that the fragrant rice field shall be tested once within 20 days before harvesting and a written record on such a test shall be made according to the provided form. The Department of Crop Production of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development shall certify, re-certify, and cancel the Authenticity certificate of fragrant rice.

This Decree takes effect on the signing.

Source: luatvietnam