The enterprise lawyers team in Gintasset, have experience and extensive knowledge in the field of business and corporate law in Vietnam, will bring to the effective solutions for your business.

Their areas of practice include:

-Advice on the founder of the company: Consulting object is established businesses and entities not established enterprise

– Consultants choose the type of enterprise (limited liability company, joint stock companies, partnerships, private enterprises …)
– Consulting company name: (Option name and lookup name )
– Consulting company headquarters (under the fair use of business)
– Consulting charter capital: (Suitable for each business line and type of business, practical ability of enterprises)
– consulting  business lines
– consultation procedures, issues related to the enterprise: (consulting organizational structure and operation of companies)
– draft Profile established businesses include: application business registration, charter companies, list of shareholders and other documents prescribed by law.

– Representing clients pay, withdraw, receive business registration dossiers for business registration at the Chamber;
– Carry out the procedure to seal the enterprise (company seal, seal the title, registration stamp tax code);
– Carry out the procedures for registration and tax code import and export functions for businesses.

– Advising entrepreneurs (The to-do of a new business, initially branding consistency …)
– Consultation of the business activity (by email, letter, fax);
– Provide legal documents on request
– Drafting internal records of the business, including: charter, minutes of the contributed capital to establish companies, elected president, elected representatives at law, Decision on Appointment task manager, appointment of chief accountant and Certified share ownership, shareholders book, announcement finalizes the shareholders …