Recordal of Licensing Agreement

Minimum-required Contents of a License Agreement
1.    The identity of the Licenser and Licensee;
2.    Details of the objects to be licensed (information on granted trademark registration or patent);
3.    Scope of license, including:

  • Type of license (exclusive or non-exclusive);
  • Object(s) of license;
  • Territory of license (Vietnamese territory or part thereof);
  • Term of license (within the balance of the term of validity of the corresponding Patent for Invention/Utility Solution/Industrial Design or Certificate of Trademark Registration).

(In case of a sub-license, the scope of the sub-license must fall within the scope of the corresponding exclusive license).
4.    Price of license and mode of payment;
5.    Rights and obligations of each party;
6.    Conditions for amendment, termination and invalidation of the Agreement;
7.    Method for settlement of disputes;
8.    Date and place of signing;
9.    Signatures of the authorized representatives of each party.

1.     Two (2) originals or two (2) certified copies of the signed License Agreement;
2.    Copy of Patent for Invention/Utility Solution/ Industrial Design or Certificate of Trademark Registration of the licensed object(s);
3.    A notarized copy of Business Licence/Investment Licence if the Licensee is a Vietnamese entity;
4.    A signed Power of Attorney from the Licenser or Licensee.