1.Full name, address and nationality of the applicant;
2.Description of the trademark: meaning, colors claimed, translation or transliteration of the characters into English if the trademark includes characters in other languages.
3.List of goods, services to be covered by the trademark and if possible, class(es) of the respective goods/ services according to the International Classification.


1.An original Special Power of Attorney executed by the applicant. (This document must be duly notarized, authenticated and endorsed by the Myanmar Embassy/Myanmar Consulate or Representative of the Government of the Union of Myanmar in the applicant country) ;
2.An original Declaration of Ownership executed by the applicant. (This document needs to be signed by the one who had signed the special power of attorney, then notarized (legalization is not required);
(Enclosed are forms of required documents. The original documents is required at the time of filing application)


1. Multi-class application is accepted in Myanmar;
2. It usually takes 1 month from the filing date to granting date to obtain a Trademark Registration Certificate in Myanmar because of no examination stage in Myanmar;
3. Renewal of trademark registration is usually done once in every 03 years by one of the following ways:
– Renewal by re-registration in the form of Declaration;
– Renewal by Publication in the local newspapers.
4.In Myanmar, since there has been no specific trademark law so far, right after completion of the trademark registration, it is strongly recommended to publish the Cautionary Notice in the local newspaper in order to have public awareness of the ownership of the trademark and warn any potential infringe in case of trademark conflict problem although it is neither compulsory nor stipulated by any law.